yasuyuki takagi


yayoi kusama x veuve clicquot


directed by yasuyuki takagi


duration 00:30

The photographer of "The Map" CHIZU Kikuji Kawada

『地図』の写真家 川田喜久治


directed by Yasuyuki Takagi


duration: 16:34

art biotop water garden by

Junya Ishigami


the obel award

the henrik frode obel foundation


duration: 2:47

Jungjin Lee / photographer

video editorial 01

IMA vision / AMANA inc.


duration: 4:41

directed by yasuyuki takagi

officine universelle buly

beauty adventures: made in kiso the minebari combs


duration: 9:23


a film by yasuyuki takagi

team box league X hokto

case study 01



duration: 6:11 (in japanese only)

directed by yasuyuki takagi

ramdane touhami : naoshima hall


duration: 2:52

#ThankYouKorea / JIN-HA LEE

US Embassy of Seoul


duration : 1:42


directed by yasuyuki takagi

how to think like a Tom Sachs


papayacchi presents:

a portrait of Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs is an artist / sculptor

based in New York City.


a film by Yasuyuki Takagi

duration: 5:18

tokyo travel series 1

神保町 jinbocho


world's largest concentration of used book shops.

jinboucho also has one of the best cheap eats in town.


directed by yasuyuki takagi

duration: 6:06


yamatogawa sake brewery



promotion video


directed by yasuyuki takagi

duration: 3:05

©2020 Yasuyuki Takagi. All rights reserved.

料理男子 project by cookpad


directed by yasuyuki takagi


duration: 4:43 (in japanese only)

officine universelle buly

daikanyama store


duration: 1:00


"Hello Korea!"

US Olympics and Paralympics team

Pyeong Chang 2018


US Embassy of Seoul


duration: 2:40

Portrait of a Place: Arakicho

The fight for survival in one of Tokyo's vanishing geisha districts



duration: 7:18

a film by yasuyuki takagi



the art of listening LIVE!

Sigbjorn Apeland @ KREI salon Tokyo


shot & directed by yasuyuki takagi

duration: 4:10